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FAcility Management Online System (FAMOuS) is intended to facilitate the handling of complaints at the facilities/equipment in the food and beverage stores of Mitra Adiperkasa (MAP Group), #1 Lifestyle Retailer in Indonesia (Starbucks, Pizza Marzano/Pizza Express, Krispy Kreme, Cold Stone Creamery and Godiva).

Consist of 3 main modules:
Record all User, Brand, District, Store, Vendor, Facility (including the maintenance items, for both contract services and non-contract services), Fast Moving (Category, Type and Inventory Management) and Asset Management System.
as online tools for:
- Store to submit WO and Fast Moving Order, monitor and update the progress.
- Vendor to receive WO, submit Quotation, update the progress of repair/maintenance and receive PO.
- Call Center to monitor complaint/request from Stores, update the status and authorize submitted quotation from vendor.
- Other party to monitor complaint/request and the progress handling.
Generate comprehensive reports, including dashboard & Key Performance Indicator, repair & maintenance progress & history, fast moving order handling and asset management.

Internal (Main) Support Contact:
Avolina Raharjanti (HOD Internal Affairs)
7th Floor, Wisma 46 - Kota BNI, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 574 6501
Fax: +62 21 570 2791

External (Escalation) Support Contact:
WA: +62 878 7321 7234
BBM: 7696E1C4

Developed by:
\/\/\ 1M4M.M4L1K | masd'igIT

Version History:
Brewed Coffee (Alpha) 11.11
Caffè Misto (Beta) 12.11
Caffè Latte (1.0) 01.12
Cappuccino (1.1) 07.12
Caffè Mocha (1.2) 12.12
Hazelnut Latte (1.3) 02.13
Asian Dolce Frappuccino (1.4) 01.14